Binational Breastfeeding Coalition

MISSION: To protect and promote breastfeeding on the El Paso/Juárez border as the natural and expected means of feeding human infants. • MISIÓN: Proteger y promover la lactancia en la frontera El Paso/Juárez como el medio natural y esperado de alimentar a los infantes humanos.

Message in regard to our event on August 3, 2019

To our BBC members and supporters,

We had a wonderful event yesterday, and we will give you the numbers shortly.

But before that, we'd like to express both our gratitude for your participation and sadness over how our event was affected by the terrible shootings at a nearby store. As many of you are aware, we were winding down as the police entered Bassett and asked us to shelter under tables and in safe spaces. That was a frightening moment. Lots of people from our event were still there and we saw mothers and babies, dads, grandmothers, children and others scurrying to safety. Of course, as it turned out there was not a gunman at Bassett.

Because of the disturbance, however, many people left items in the mall or at their tables. Please feel free to contact Bassett Security if you are looking for something: the number is 915-274-9828. The mall was locked all night and we were assured that all of the items were secured. It's open today.

Thank you for all you did yesterday, we saw so many of you helping each other and strangers. 💝 As our community heals we send you all hugs and good wishes.

Libby, Loretta, Rosalba and Ernie

If you are experiencing any breastfeeding problems please contact your health care professional or a lactation consultant.
Si usted está teniendo problemas para amamantar, por favor contacte a su médico o un asesor de lactancia.

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