Binational Breastfeeding Coalition

Our purpose is to improve the health of the people living on the El Paso/Juárez border and the surrounding communities by working vigorously and collaboratively to protect and promote breastfeeding as the natural and expected means of feeding human infants.

Breastfeeding Welcome Initiative Press Conference

On February 24, 2017 health officials, non-governmental agencies and community leaders form El Paso, Juarez and Las Cruces gathered at the Texas Department of State Health Services building for a press conference to launch the Breastfeeding Welcome Initiative developed by the Alliance of Border Collaboratives.

Invited speakers provided breastfeeding statistics and their experience with successful programs that contribute to create a breastfeeding culture here in the Paso del Norte region. Dr. Mary Anderson TDSHS provided the opening remarks with the message it takes a village to support a mother to breastfeed and we all are part of that village.

Astid Lara from the El Paso Department of Public Health WIC program provided insight on the program benefits and outcomes. Carlos Martinez Flores Share his breastfeeding experience as a husband supporting his wife, a father and a long standing leader in the education sector in Ciudad Juarez.

Elsa Cornejo summarized breastfeeding activities taking place in New Mexico as it related to Mother Friendly Hospitals and lactation experts that are available 24/7. New Mexico has shared their experience internationally they were invited to a conference in Guadalajara. Lissa Kundsen share with participants New Mexico experience with breastfeeding laws.

Libby Berkeley form the Binational Breastfeeding Coalition mentioned that BBC is a nonprofit organization with a mission statement that commits to border collaboration that conducts diverse activities to create breastfeeding support networks to help mothers to breastfeed. In order to accomplish this BBC partners with the Big Latch On, local Baby Cafés, La Leche League and Hospital de la Mujer in Juarez. The main areas of work include: awareness, health promotion, community engagement, education and research.

Rosalba Ruiz presented the Breastfeeding Welcome Initiative that created a breastfeeding welcome media campaign for mothers and their families to improve support for breastfeeding in public. This project will help to provide more comfortable, shame-free areas in El Paso businesses such as shopping venues, libraries, and restaurants for nursing mothers to have the freedom to be away from home longer and patronize businesses in their communities.

The press conference had an audience of more than 40 individuals from El Paso, Juarez and Las Cruces representing different sector: health, media, education, religious and business. The event was covered by print, radio and television media outlets.

The room was filled with enthusiasm with participants ready to collaborative to improve the future health of the border community. To view the media campaign materials and videos, please visit

Milk Bank of Cd. Juárez

The FIRST milk bank in the Southwest border region and Binational Breastfeeding Coalition need your help! We are seeking donations of breast milk storage containers.


  • Hard plastic lids
  • Cleaned
  • No labels
  • Up to 10 oz.


  • Cleaned
  • Up to 10 oz.


Donations can be dropped off at the Texas Tech Baby Café.
Monday - Wednesday: 10 am to Noon • Thursday: 4 to 6 pm
For questions, please email

Thank you!

The Big Latch On 2016

The Big Latch On is an international synchronized breastfeeding celebration held annually in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week. More than 320 individuals attended the 5th Annual Big Latch On (BLO) organized by the Binational Breastfeeding Coalition (BBC).

The event took place at Bassett Place with registration starting at 9:00 am. This was a great opportunity for families to bond and set an example of how easy and beneficial it is to breastfeed. Children were playing and mothers shared experiences with other mothers and family. Supporting the event this year was Telemundo news anchor Karla Mariscal, serving as an MC and participating as a mother.

At 10:30 am MT, the Big Latch On occurred, with moms jointly breastfeeding their babies for one full minute in a loving, supportive environment. This year, the Big Latch On had 86 mothers and 86 infants latching. Attendees reported they felt they were making a difference by participating in an event that transcends borders and countries. “Being part of a world event is so awesome,” mentioned a father, who attended in support of his wife for a second consecutive year.

Efforts have multiplied since 2012, with Anthony, NM and Ciudad Juarez, MX also hosting their own BLO events this year. Support from the media and promotion by individuals and organizations helped spread the word for the event and the importance the Big Latch On holds.  

BLO by the numbers

  • 2012 = 80 mothers participated locally (BBC event); 8,862 globally
  • 2013  = 82 mothers participated locally (BBC event); 14,536 globally
  • 2014 = 94 mothers participated locally (BBC event); 13,798 globally
  • 2015 = 110 mothers participated locally (BBC event); 14,889 globally
  • 2016 = 86 mothers participated locally (BBC event); 17,223 globally

Many promotional items and educational materials from partner agencies were included in the registration bags for breastfeeding moms. The majority of the items were contributed by the Texas Department of State Health Services/ Office of Border Health. Other partner agencies include Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe WIC, City of El Paso Dept. of Public Health WIC, El Paso First, Superior Health Care, Alliance for Border Collaboratives, West Texas Regional Poison Control Center, Ruben Torres Sr. and Nicke’s.

Following the BLO, donated gifts were raffled. Donors included: Lube & Tune (Jaime Parra), Lencho Guerra Photography, Star Medical, Dr. Michael Ponce, Amanda Monarez, Brenda Amador, La Fe WIC, Ameda, Ofelia O’Donnell, Undercover Mama, Bamboobies, Bailey, Bethany Mata, Avon, The Retreat, El Paso First, Alliance for Border Collaboratives, Sierra Providence East Breastfeeding Group, Nicke’s, and Matthew Manriquez.

New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force Conference

22nd Annual Conference: Bonding Through Breastfeeding at Birth and Beyond

Five members of the Binational Breastfeeding Coalition attended this year's NMBTF conference held on March 3rd and 4th. Highlights were Dr. Kathleen Kendall Tackett, the editor of Clinical Lactation who held several sessions including the topic of post-partum mood disorders and breastfeeding, and Dr. James McKenna, a world renowned expert in sleeping and breastfeeding.

This 2-day conference included many other highlights and the agenda can be viewed at the New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force website.

If you are experiencing any breastfeeding problems please contact your health care professional or a lactation consultant.

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